Journal SEAMUS – Granular Toolkit v1.0

July 9th, 2003

Journal SEAMUS, Volume XVI:2, pp. 34-46.

ABSTRACT -┬áSince the generation of granular textures was first automated using a computer (Roads 1978), granular synthesis has grown to become a popular tool for creating new sounds in electro-acoustic music. Many effects can be achieved through the granulation of sampled sound including time compression (Jones and Parks 1988) and expansion (Truax 1990) independent of pitch alterations. Such effects can be created using Cycling74′s Max/MSP software, allowing them to be utilized in real-time. However, the software does not include sufficient externals to meet the efficiency and flexibility needs for creating such effects. This paper details a collection of externals and abstractions for Max/MSP that the author has created with the aim of meeting these needs.

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