FMEA Sound Design lecture

January 17th, 2011

FMEA 2011 Clinic-Conference @ Tampa, FL

Title: Enhancing musical skills through sound design

Description: Sound design is the process of crafting sonic elements for film or video projects. Practicing this aural art form develops students’ critical listening skills and ability to make compositional decisions. This session will outline the concepts, vocabulary, artists, and software you need to know for developing a sound design project.

This presentation grew out on my experiences teaching the sound design unit in DIGA 101. The topic of sound design allowed me to overcome much of the early hesitancy that non-musicians had about working with music technology in our Digital Arts program. The goal of my presentation was to introduce the topic to K-12 music teachers with existing technology curricula who may want new project ideas for their classroom. The premise is that although sound design is not equivalent to music, it can enhance students’ musical skills and understanding in new ways.

Thanks so much to everyone that attended my presentation. And once again, thanks to Nick Eggen for the invitation to present.

I neglected to include credits for images and other media within the enhanced podcast, but will provide links in the comments of this post.

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