FMEA lecture online

January 7th, 2010

FMEA 2010 Clinic-Conference @ Tampa, FL

My lecture from this year’s FMEA is now available for download.  The presentation highlighted how the media has helped propel the concept of the laptop as instrument into the public consciousness.  It concluded with some ideas on how K12 music educators can start to wrap their heads about the potentials of making laptop music.

Special thanks to Nick Eggen and the FMEA tech committee for the invite.

BTW, a majority of the photos used my slides were obtained via Flickr, where they are posted under a Creative Commons license.  As with all the other content on my site, this podcast is offered under a similar license.  Although the photo credits are contained in the presentation, I will also post them in the comments for those that might be interested.

Talking about my own experience with laptop music.

Talking about my own experience with laptop music.